Teacher Awards

2022-2023 Teach Cyber Teacher of the Year Awards

Congratulations to each award winner on your success in furthering cybersecurity education! 
Teach Cyber. Change the Future. 

Our winners were featured in the May 2023 Teach Cyber newsletter. You can read more about each teacher here. 

Passport Award

Pathways Award

Platform Award

The passport award recognizes teachers who have dedicated significant time and effort to prepare for, recruit, and implement a cybersecurity class at their school. Their efforts have resulted in students’ introduction to cybersecurity and learning the importance of data care.

The pathways award recognizes teachers who (including teaching a cybersecurity course and emphasizing data care) developed cybersecurity programs, hosted clubs, or coached competitions. Their efforts have given students multiple means to enter or advance along a cybersecurity path.

The platform award recognizes teachers creating robust systemic change in cybersecurity education in their communities. These awardees mentor other teachers and craft curricula or policies highlighting data care to be adopted by other cybersecurity teachers.

2021-22 Passport, Pathways, and Platform Award Winners

Congratulations on leading the way in cybersecurity education. Teach Cyber. Change the Future.