“Cyber Discovery Kit”

Teach Cyber-Cyber Discovery Kit

Teach Cyber Club Kit

The new Cyber Discovery Kit is available for download as a pdf. Our mission at Teach Cyber is to provide resources, training, and support to secondary school educators. We hope to 1) contribute to growing the cybersecurity workforce, and 2) help all students understand ways to act safely and ethically in cyberspace.

The Cyber Discovery Kit serves as an introduction for students to LIVE (Learn, Investigate, Value, and Empower) Cyber. The 8 Big Ideas of Cybersecurity (Ethics, Trust, Ubiquitous Connectivity, Data Security, System Security, Adversarial Thinking, Risk and Implications) are introduced. Students explore key principles and concepts and investigate cybersecurity vocabulary and careers. The purpose is to help students discover the vast field of cybersecurity while empowering them to LIVE ethically and well in cyberspace.

The kit is designed for 6th to 9th grade students in a club or classroom setting to heighten interest in your cybersecurity course, program, or pathway. Additionally, we hope that the experience allows students to reflect and make healthy, safe, and ethical decisions in cyberspace.

Contact sabrina.smiley@teachcyber.org if you have questions.The Cyber Crew Badge