Resources for Teachers and Parents

Please note inclusion does not represent endorsement.

Blown to Bits: Your Life, Liberty, and Happiness After the Digital Explosion by Hal Abelson, Harry Lewis, and Ken Ledeen

This book is an easy-to-read explanation of the impact of the internet and digital world on our social, political, and personal institutions. It includes examples and explains vocabulary and concepts as needed.

Center for Cryptologic History Publications

A wide variety of readings for anyone interested in cryptologic history. The database is searchable by time period and includes many downloadable publications. Perfect for history enthusiasts as well as those interested in espionage, ciphers, national security, and cryptography.

Cisco “Pitching Packets: Cyber Security Edition” lesson plan blog
This blog describes a highly engaging and interactive lesson developed by Cisco in which students learn about networking, internet security, and privacy through the use of laundry baskets and bean bags. All information, including graphics is contained in the blog post written by Jennie Kam. 

Common Sense Education

A wealth of resources for teachers and parents on digital citizenship and online safety.

Cyber Center for Education

This website will be the permanent home for the new CCEI (Cyber Center for Education and Innovation). The Center is set to open in 2020.

GenCyber Summer Camps (National Security Agency)

A summer opportunity for students and teachers to learn cybersecurity fundamentals. Camps occur throughout the United States and are funded by the NSA and the NSF.

FTC ONGuardOnline (Stop. Think. Connect):

The Federal Trade Commission has put together a variety or resources for adults and kids. This website contains short videos and hand-outs that can be used to supplement lessons. It also includes 3 computer based games that students can use to learn the basics of cybersecurity.

Games are entitled:

The website also offers free publications (most available in multiple languages):

Information Assurance Support Environment

This DISA resource contains online training modules, current events, and other resources related to Information Security. Materials would best be suited for technical or cybersecurity classes. 

National Cryptologic Museum (NSA)

This museum is a hidden gem; located outside of Baltimore, Maryland. If you cannot visit, there are resources available on the website including major uses of cryptology throughout US history and visuals from the museum.

National Cyber Security Centre (UK)

The NCSC offers a glossary of cybersecurity terms along with other practical resources and infographics.

Netsmartz (The Center for Missing and Exploited Children)

This website offers a variety of activities, tip sheets, and games for kids. Teacher and parent resources are also included.

NICERC (A project of the Department of Homeland Security)

This website contains multidisciplinary cybersecurity lesson plans for teachers in the K-12 environment. Resources are shared via a verified Canvas account (request required). Updates occur frequently.

NSA Day of Cyber

This is an online, interactive website that allows the user to explore the career of one of six people working for the NSA. Users participate in challenges and learn the skills needed for a career in cybersecurity. The entire experience lasts 3 hours but can be modified.