About Teach Cyber

Our Mission

Teach Cyber is an initiative of DARK Enterprises Inc.  DARK Enterprises Inc. is a non-profit dedicated to developing, supporting, and stewarding excellent cybersecurity education at the secondary level. Our mission is to provide resources, training, and support to secondary school educators teaching cybersecurity.

By supporting teachers, we hope to 1) contribute to growing the cybersecurity workforce; and 2) help all students understand ways to act more safely and more ethically in cyberspace.

“T.C., I can’t believe you fell for another phishing email!”

Our Values

Teach Cyber values:
The meaningful learning of cybersecurity delivered using hands-on, student-centered pedagogical strategies.
Individual and organizational efforts to build fairness, equity, diversity, caring, and respect.
Educational experiences that incorporate multiple means of representation, expression, and engagement so all students can access and learn cybersecurity.
Using data and best practices to steward excellent cybersecurity education.
Fostering a community of practice for educators.
Partnering in the effort to bring meaningful cybersecurity education to K-12.

Our Story

Teach Cyber is by educators and for educators. What is Teach Cyber? Simply put, it is teaching materials for educators interested, excited, and ready to teach high school cybersecurity. The Teach Cyber courseware is creative commons licensed giving educators the rights to adopt, adapt, and disseminate the Teach Cyber course

The Teach Cyber course is based on the High School Cybersecurity Curriculum Guidelines (HSCCG). A team of K-12 educators, post-secondary educators, and cybersecurity experts, in partnership with the National Cryptologic Foundation, developed the Guidelines and the Teach Cyber curriculum.

Grounded in learning science, the instructional materials use a variety of hands-on, active, student-centered learning strategies, including lab experiences using the U.S. Cyber Range. We have been making first-round improvements to the courseware. Updates are being released on the TeachCyber.org site. Units 1-5 and Units 7-8 are updated and currently available for download.

The Teach Cyber team is partnering with several states to support their teachers as they adopt the High School Cybersecurity Curriculum Guidelines and the Teach Cyber instructional materials. Currently, educators in  New Hampshire, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, Indiana, Alabama, Illinois, South Dakota, Nebraska, Texas, Colorado, Utah, and Hawaii are pilot testing the materials. We are excited to make inroads across the United States.

Teach Cyber welcomes partners and sponsors. If you are interested in partnership or sponsorship, please contact us!

Our Partners

National Cryptologic  Foundation (NCF)

Since 1996, NCF has supported the National Cryptologic Museum in educating the public on the importance of cryptology in defense of our nation.

The National Cryptologic Foundation strives to heighten public awareness of the cryptologic and cyber professions while honoring the people— past, present, and future—whose contributions to our national security protect and make possible our way of life.

Learn more about NCF’s mission here: https://cryptologicfoundation.org/about/mission.html

Visit the Educators page here: https://cryptologicfoundation.org/educators/