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August 25, 2022

Teach Cyber Byte

In this byte you will get an opportunity to hear what we have been up to this summer, learn who we are supporting on the US Cyber Range and learn about the upcoming opportunity for Teach Cyber professional development. You can also find opportunities to join cybersecurity communities!

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We hope you enjoyed your summer break. We trust your summer break was, much like ours, busy! We spent our time:
  • teaching the Teaching Cybersecurity course in the National Cybersecurity Teaching Academy (NCTA) graduate certificate program.
  • attending the Argonne Cyber Guardians competition.
  • developing assessment resources for teachers in alignment with the 8 Big Ideas in the High School Cybersecurity Curriculum Guidelines.
  • growing, we added 250+ users of Teach Cyber this summer.
  • providing professional development (online and in person). If your state has a statewide initiative to integrate cybersecurity in secondary education, Teach Cyber can help with that initiative. Please take a look at our Starting a Cybersecurity Program page and reach out to us.


Thank you for applying for the Teach Cyber US Cyber Range Grant. We had many outstanding applicants. Each one is doing fantastic work in their school to further cybersecurity education. We are happy to share the awardees for access to the US Cyber Range through Teach Cyber.

Teach Cyber Curriculum and the

US Cyber Range

The US Cyber Range supports all the labs in the Teach Cyber curriculum. Your school can purchase the Teach Cyber Environment on the US Cyber Range.
Teach Cyber Environment
Please enroll here.
Active learning is an integral component of the Teach Cyber courseware. Unit 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7 contain labs that use the US Cyber Range. Units 1-5 labs were updated over the summer. Unit 2 has a new credential harvesting lab!
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Download the updated labs and the credential harvesting lab in the Lessons & Labs section at teachcyber.org.

JOIN TEACH CYBER September 19-22, 2022

for cybersecurity professional development

What to expect?
A blend of synchronous and asynchronous modules to prepare high school teachers to implement the Teach Cyber curriculum. The PD includes access to the US Cyber Range to complete hands-on labs.
How much is it?
The cost of the training is $400, as it is supplemented by grant funds received from the Gula Tech Foundation.

Are you looking to connect with a cybersecurity networking group?

Dell Technologies Cybersecurity Networking Groups meets once a month to discuss the many facets of program implementation which include but are not limited to:
  • teacher recruitment and retention
  • curriculum and course development
  • resources and technology guidance
  • higher education and industry partnerships


You can join the National Cryptologic Foundation Cyber Education Community of Interest (COI). This COI is designed with middle school educators in mind. Here you can collaborate, explore and share resources to help further cybersecurity education for middle school students.

Please sign up for this community here.
We hope your school year is off to a great start and look forward to working with you this year as you Teach Cyber.
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