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May 3, 2022

Teach Cyber Byte

In this byte you will find, the sign-up for this school year's last virtual lounge. We will have a Year in Review, come ready to share how you integrated cyber this year. You will also find how to connect with SurfWisely, and an opportunity to join the cyber education community. Additionally, please register for the Teach Cyber PD this summer! We hope to see you there!

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Teach Cyber Year in Review Virtual Lounge

Join us in the Teach Cyber
Virtual Lounge on
May 19, 2022 at 7pm ET.

This lounge will have a panel of teachers who also share highlights from their school year.
Year in Review

Teach Cyber will give a brief overview of what it has accomplished over this school year and our plans for the summer and year to come.

The panelist will be discussing their plans for the future of cyber in their classroom. You can also share how you plan to use integrate cyber in your classroom!

Check out SurfWisely

Cyber security training is no longer an elective topic for today's students, but rather an essential part of the K-12 curriculum.

SurfWisely's gamified security awareness training platform uses sports that will allow students to have fun while learning the importance of internet security.
With SurfWisely, students will learn the following and more.
  • Password protection
  • How to avoid phishing scams
  • How to browse safely online
  • Social Media protection
An innovative platform that provides alignment to cybersecurity state standard and can be self-
paced or instructor led.
For more information and to schedule a call reach SurfWisely here.

Implementing Cybersecurity Education

at the Middle School Level

Teach Cyber's Jenny Daugherty and Sabrina Smiley teamed up with Jen Langdon and Mark Loepker to discuss the critical need for cybersecurity in the middle school classroom.
One topic of discussion was cybersecurity being integrated cross-curricularly at the middle school level by integrating cyber into core subjects.

For example, a cipher wheel can be constructed in a math or history class and then used to explain encryption and decryption.
TCCipher (2)
The Cyber Center for Education and Innovation (CCEI), part of the National Cryptologic Foundation, presents the Cyber Education Community of Interest (COI).
The COI is a space where middle school educators (counselors, teachers, librarians, support staff, administrators, home school parents, and more) will gather to collaborate, share, and explore resources with each other and from partner organizations to bring cyber education to their students.

Please join us and share this channel with your colleagues:

2022 Professional Development for Educators

Do you need to brush up your cybersecurity skills so you are ready to teach cyber this Fall?
Join us for a fun, interactive, intensive workshop this summer!
Sign-up soon, space is limited.

What to expect?
A blend of synchronous and asynchronous modules to prepare high school teachers to implement the Teach Cyber curriculum. The PD includes access to the US Cyber Range to complete hands-on labs.
When is it? JUNE 9-10 and
JUNE 13-14, 2022
For more information take a look at the Teacher Professional Development page found here.
How much is it?
The cost of the training is $400, as it is supplemented by grant funds received from the Gula Tech Foundation.
Summer PD
Click the image to check out the Summer 2022 PD Syllabus.
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