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January 28, 2022

The Teach Cyber Byte

Greetings to our Teach Cyber Users,

Teach Cyber is happy to have you as a part of our community of cybersecurity educators. We believe in what we are doing and we believe in what you are doing. And we believe that together we can bring quality cybersecurity education to our nation's youth who will change the future.

The Teach Cyber courseware that we make available at no cost to teachers has been supported by the National Cryptologic Foundation and funds from DARK Enterprises, Inc., which is the non-profit behind Teach Cyber. DARK Enterprises, Inc is dedicated to advancing the K-12 cybersecurity education ecosystem through projects such as:

-High School Cybersecurity Curriculum Guidelines,
-Teach Cyber, and
-ARC (Assessment Resources for Cybersecurity).

Today we are writing with good news, and asking for your input and support.

Thank you,
Melissa Dark and the Teach Cyber Team


Teach Cyber was awarded $200,000 from GulaTech Foundation to support the mission and expansion of Teach Cyber.
You can watch Melissa Dark and Jenny Daugherty accept the award HERE.
As a cybersecurity educator, you might also be interested in learning more about the other grantees. Click on each image to learn more about these organizations.

Your Input

Teach Cyber is by educators and for educators. We try to ensure that the work we do is what helps you in the classroom.

We welcome your suggestions on ideas/projects that would best support you and your students. Email us at hello@teachcyber.org

Your Support

The Gula Tech Foundation support is essential to continue Teach Cyber. We are asking for your support as well. We launched a 2022 Fundraising Campaign and we are asking for your support.

Teach Cyber is a non-profit and we are working hard to keep resources no to low cost for schools.
  • A $10 donation provides 1 student with Cyber Range access for a month.
  • A $100 donation supports 10 students with Cyber Range access for a month.
  • A $250 donation provides focused professional development for one teacher.
  • A $1000 donation supports extensive professional development for one teacher or 100 students Cyber Range access for a month.
  • A $10,000 donation will help a school develop its cybersecurity program by training teachers and supporting Cyber Range access year-round for up to 200 students.
The more you give, the more impact we can have. Please give what you can and join our Giving Team.

Support TeachCyber. Change the Future.
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