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October 4, 2021

Special Edition Newsletter

The 2021 VIRTUAL NICE K12 Cybersecurity Education Conference is excited to provide a limited number of conference registration stipends to eligible educators. Early Bird Registration is NOW OPEN through October 31. Please click the link below to register. If you enjoy being made aware of this opportunity and know someone else that would, please feel free to forward and share our newsletter!

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2021Virtual NICEK12

1. The 2021 Virtual NICE K12 Cybersecurity Education Conference

CALLING ALL TEACHERS INTERESTED IN CYBERSECURITY: The 2021 VIRTUAL NICE K12 Cybersecurity Education Conference is excited to provide a limited number of conference registration stipends to eligible educators. Educators will be selected from completed applications based on criteria for a no-cost conference registration fee ($125 value). We are particularly interested in helping educators who have no financial support for conference attendance. Applicants must be currently teaching full-time in a secondary public, private, or charter school. Educators should have a passion for introducing cybersecurity topics into their classroom or teaching cybersecurity courses.

STIPEND RECIPIENTS MAY ATTEND THE CONFERENCE EITHER ON THE CONFERENCE DATES OR VIEW THE RECORDINGS ON THEIR OWN SCHEDULE. Application Deadline is October 25,2021. Winners will be notified via email on October 26, 2021. Conference dates: December 6-7, 2021 with recordings available from 2 weeks post-event until July 2022.

2. Thank you!

Thank you for joining the Virtual Lounge! We had fun getting to know you and learning more about how you teach cyber in your classes! We hope you are excited as we are about Cybersecurity Awareness Month. We will be featuring a CTF game during our October Virtual Teachers' Lounge! We look forward to seeing you there and seeing your cybersecurity skills!


Thank you so much for helping us launch our first ever SLWG! The State Level Working Group is a collaborative group that brainstorms solutions to build a set of best practices, outreach goals, and an ecosystem for cybersecurity education. We will meet again in November. If you or someone you know is the voice for your state or community, we hope you will join us in helping cybersecurity education get the attention it needs. Don't hesitate to contact Judi Emmel at judi.emmel@teachcyber.org.

4. Another opportunity for you!

The Cybersecurity Inquiry for Students and Teachers Workshop October 22 9am-3pm MTS follow the link to sign up.


5. Unit 3 has been updated and uploaded!

Unit 3 provides an introduction to computer hardware, software, and operating systems. Students explore how hardware and software work together to achieve an overall objective. Students learn how devices communicate across the Internet and explore open source versus proprietary protocols. After these basic building blocks of cyberspace are defined, the unit introduces basic concepts of networks and networking. This unit includes introductory labs to introduce students to basic Linux commands, networking concepts, and Wireshark. Finally, students examine the growth in society’s use of and reliance on computers and networks ranging from health, commerce, national defense, to entertainment and leisure.

6. Be A Part of Making Change Happen

Cybersecurity is a fairly new field of study. It started in higher education about 25 years ago at the graduate level. Over the past two decades, cybersecurity programs have grown at the baccalaureate and associate degree levels.
intro to challenge of cybersecurity
And over the past 5 years, cybersecurity units, courses and pathways have been growing at the secondary level. This development is needed; cybersecurity is currently one of the fastest growing career fields in the United States.

There is a lot of work that needs to happen to build cybersecurity pathways that are robust, sustainable, and effective. Teach Cyber's mission is to help nurture the cybersecurity education ecosystem. If you want to be a part of making change happen, please volunteer by email to proponent@teachcyber.org.

7. Help Us Help You

Teach Cyber is a project within DARK Enterprises, which is a non-profit organization dedicated to Nurturing a Sustainable Cybersecurity Education Ecosystem.
We can provide US Cyber Range grants, the curriculum, the virtual lounges, etc., through grants and the generous support of foundations, individuals.
There are two ways you can support Teach Cyber today.
  1. Amazon Smile - You shop. Amazon Gives. To donate to Teach Cyber, please use the DARK Enterprises Amazon Smile link: https://smile.amazon.com/ch/47-4951875
  2. Make a direct donation here: https://teachcyber.org/donations-and-partners/ Every dollar counts.